Mon Mar 01 10:13:42 +0000 2021
Celebrate with us ahead of the new football season #FemaleFootballWeek #WWC2023 #getonside
Mon Mar 01 02:09:58 +0000 2021
@Jakie_1993 Yey!!!!! But also 😭😭😭😭 $860+ is a lot of money that could have been better used on #WWC2023 tickets and Tillies merch...
Thu Feb 25 04:02:13 +0000 2021
@angebacic Haha, mate, sure! But I reckon she should rock up before that at the @FIFAWWC - #WWC2023 Get the team on it @AnnOdong.
Tue Feb 23 19:02:32 +0000 2021
#WWC2023 #FIFA #UEFA Le tirage au sort des groupes éliminatoires à la Coupe du Monde 2023 pour la zone UEFA sera effectué le 30 avril 2021. Les Bleues connaîtront alors leurs adversaires => Début des qualifications en septembre 2021 => 11 billets directs en jeu
Tue Feb 23 04:36:31 +0000 2021
The #WWC2023 doesn't just represent fantastic opportunities for players & coaches, it represents the opportunities available for Australian referees and also displays the hard work of our FIFA match officials. #StayOnside
Tue Feb 23 04:25:02 +0000 2021
Women in refereeing already face enough challenges and barriers to entry as it is, if we're not supported by our local/state/national bodies, then I can't see how we can expect to retain women and girls. Please stop forgetting about us. Thanks. #StayOnside #WWC2023
Tue Feb 23 04:24:46 +0000 2021
Great to see so much work going into recruiting women/girls players (and sometimes coaches), but when you have events promoting the #WWC2023 and don't include women and girls who referee... we notice. #StayOnside
Tue Feb 23 04:17:46 +0000 2021
If you're involved in grassroots football, and looking at increasing your women and girls participation in the lead up to #WWC2023 don't forget about women and girls in refereeing. #StayOnside
Mon Feb 22 13:15:39 +0000 2021
You absolutely love to see it!!! 👏🙌🔥☘️⚽️ Very obvious mutual respect and appreciation between Vera, the players and the rest of the staff. Onwards and upwards from here! 🚀 #COYGIG #WWC2023