Tue Feb 25 02:24:29 +0000 2020
"It’s not enough to be a girl driver. You have to be a girl driver who wins.” https://t.co/syrFQOmlpT #RACING #DAYTONA500 #WomenInSport
Tue Feb 25 01:56:49 +0000 2020
@KevinKarius hockey and football at 6 o’clock. #STOH2020 was an epic final that should have been on the show @GlobalEdmonton #WomenInSport
Tue Feb 25 01:47:19 +0000 2020
Thank you for the chat lovely ladies! As always, it was great fun 😊Thank you for your support of #victressbook and for continuing to celebrate #WomenInSport 💜 Link to Victress 👇🏽 https://t.co/rWs47JNbr4 https://t.co/ygxleXCgQh
Tue Feb 25 01:05:08 +0000 2020
NEWS | Our 7th captain (host) for the "Captains Lunch" at Eden Park on 8 May... Andrea Nelson, CEO, ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup 2021! Andrea is leading one of the biggest women’s sports events in the world. Info & Tix: https://t.co/X0jgbyxnWH (special sport rate!) #womeninsport https://t.co/1ZHg9o0C4L
Tue Feb 25 00:50:59 +0000 2020
We are always happy to hear when new sports reach pay equity at their top levels! Curling is now offering equal purses to their male and female winning teams. https://t.co/YA31gYOgVH #sportnews #womeninsport #payequity #curling
Tue Feb 25 00:33:18 +0000 2020
@LadiesWhoLeague @ahealy77 @WACA_Cricket @auswomensport @CricketNSW @CAPathway @ACRISP_ECU @SummerHillCrick @scg The support for senior women for younger players is fantastic – I’ll come to that later ... #WomenInSport #Cricket @CricketNSW
Tue Feb 25 00:31:52 +0000 2020
@LadiesWhoLeague @ahealy77 @WACA_Cricket @auswomensport @CricketNSW @CAPathway @ACRISP_ECU @SummerHillCrick @scg She was also selected to train through winter with the Cricket NSW academies, which provided excellent training and fantastic motivation. They also spend time learning about the history of women's cricket, and learning of past players #WomenInSport #Cricket @CricketNSW
Tue Feb 25 00:20:48 +0000 2020
@LadiesWhoLeague @ahealy77 @WACA_Cricket @auswomensport @CricketNSW @CAPathway @ACRISP_ECU Her first year in girls’ cricket, aged 11, was bewildering. She played u13s and u15s for a junior club, Summer Hill, under 15 rep cricket with Canterbury-Wests, and trained with senior women at Sydney Cricket Club. #WomenInSport #Cricket @SummerHillCrick @scg
Tue Feb 25 00:18:01 +0000 2020
@LadiesWhoLeague @ahealy77 @WACA_Cricket @auswomensport @CricketNSW @CAPathway @ACRISP_ECU She moved to girls’ cricket to get access to rep teams and better coaching. Her previous coaches, such as me, had been passionate but limited. #WomenInSport #Cricket
Tue Feb 25 00:17:44 +0000 2020
Huge congrats @ChrismcLoughli7 Chair @minerva_network & Christina Matthews CEO @WACA_Cricket - launching WA Chapter of Minerva Network- supporting & mentoring Australia’s elite women athletes https://t.co/G9NNF1zJRg #womeninsport #minervanetwork #sport #leadership
Tue Feb 25 00:17:05 +0000 2020
@LadiesWhoLeague @ahealy77 @WACA_Cricket @auswomensport @CricketNSW @CAPathway @ACRISP_ECU My daughter Eva’s journey is probably typical. She played with boys for the first few years, and did well, and was treated respectfully by team-mates and opposition. The odd patronising comment, but not many #WomenInSport #Cricket
Tue Feb 25 00:15:30 +0000 2020
@LadiesWhoLeague @ahealy77 @WACA_Cricket @auswomensport @CricketNSW @CAPathway @ACRISP_ECU The path for these girls to get there has been fun – nobody spends so much time playing cricket without enjoying it – but long. #WomenInSport #Cricket
Tue Feb 25 00:14:44 +0000 2020
@LadiesWhoLeague @ahealy77 @WACA_Cricket @auswomensport @CricketNSW @CAPathway Most train twice a week with the state team, then once a week with their club. That’s on top of the two or three games a week. Many are often sore and tired, carry injuries. Their schoolwork suffers. Time with friends and families suffer. #WomenInSport #Cricket @ACRISP_ECU
Mon Feb 24 23:28:22 +0000 2020
Listen if you are into #WomenInSport #Women @20x20_ie https://t.co/djWmfeJfeI
Mon Feb 24 23:20:41 +0000 2020
“My playing may not make any difference to footy, but what the game does for me is immeasurable.” Read this amazing essay written by Founding Member Kimberley Dickey. https://t.co/tSmBmVc3ls… #aflwomens #aflw #nexgen #womeninsport https://t.co/kAD1rw9Mht