Sun Nov 17 04:00:23 +0000 2019
Damn. Was hoping she would stay on for the Vlatko era. It’s amazing what she’s done during her time w the #USWNT and England is getting one of the US’s secret weapons for sure. Thanks for leaving your mark on US Soccer @DawnScott06 https://t.co/r9aDKDSXKR
Sun Nov 17 03:51:14 +0000 2019
@emilysonnett is looking at that pizza thinking “idk what y’all are going to eat” 😂😂 #USWNT #saucysonnett https://t.co/QgPWNf9Uy4
Sun Nov 17 02:41:58 +0000 2019
Stop putting up with discrimination and systemic racism in USA soccer. Why would you stay silent under this @ussoccer closed system? Don't be a hypocrite. #ProRelforUSA #USMNT #USWNT https://t.co/iKw7XR6VZf
Sun Nov 17 02:29:11 +0000 2019
Massive loss for the #USWNT https://t.co/3MR3IJyT8d
Sun Nov 17 02:04:24 +0000 2019
arod is the internet telling me that @DawnScott06 is leaving the @USWNT sonnett is me believing that if i don’t look at it, it isn’t real #NWSL #USWNT https://t.co/g2Fs9j6MO3
Sun Nov 17 01:09:39 +0000 2019
Thank you for everything, @DawnScott06 Still you are the best! #USWNT https://t.co/KRdtWPIPhU
Sun Nov 17 00:51:41 +0000 2019
Good luck in all your future endeavors, @DawnScott06! Well, not that much luck with the Lionesses. 😉🤣 #USWNT #ThankYouDawn! https://t.co/i8cubOrjJK
Sun Nov 17 00:50:53 +0000 2019
Protect all potential #USWNT invitees to January Camp and their holiday diets now that Dawn Scott has gone back to England. https://t.co/r2H4JMuZEd
Sun Nov 17 00:43:56 +0000 2019
This is a bigger loss to the #USWNT than any one player would be. I HOPE this was Dawn's choice and not more shitty leadership from USSF. https://t.co/QMIX4boRLb
Sat Nov 16 23:37:52 +0000 2019
@EqualizerSoccer Ugh ... #USWNT giving up world-class performance coach Dawn Scott—about 10 weeks to Olympic qualifiers and about 8 months to the start of the #TokyoOlympics #Tokyo2020 https://t.co/OHnHSE2DUI
Sat Nov 16 23:34:44 +0000 2019
PSA: If you, like me, have been looking all over for the USA vs Oregon women's basketball game, it's here: https://t.co/BCKKdJIYYB #oregon #ducks #basketball #uswnt
Sat Nov 16 23:29:43 +0000 2019
@EqualizerSoccer This worries me. Have to wait until Olympic Qualification to see if it affects the #USWNT.
Sat Nov 16 23:29:28 +0000 2019
@DawnScott06 a révolutionné l'aproche du sport par rapport à la menstruation chez les Femmes #USWNT grace à elle et à son nv prog elle a augmenté la performance d joueuses grace à un régime alimentaire,l hydratation et a aussi introduit les recovery prog https://t.co/5B664NxKMl
Sat Nov 16 23:21:55 +0000 2019
@AllForXI @USWNT @Lionesses #USWNT #TokyoOlympics #Tokyo2020 https://t.co/wweVaabb54
Sat Nov 16 22:57:23 +0000 2019
C'est une grande pertent pour les Américaines de #USWNT et c'est à cause du salaire. Dommage pour eux et tant mieux pour les Lionesses. La concurrence augmente petit à petit et l USSF va bientot s'en mordre les doigts. #PayTheWomans https://t.co/KJ6OetKvKi