Mon Feb 24 23:29:50 +0000 2020
So I'm hearing that @ManUtdWomen Vs @ManCityWomen is moving to a Saturday 🤷🏾‍♀️ Keep weekend free if u thinking of attending. #MUWomen #FAWSL #mcwfc
Mon Feb 24 22:15:44 +0000 2020
Loved this bit of class from @janeross10 yesterday 🌟 Remembered the minute, so I thought, why not make a gif of it?😍 #BarclaysFAWSL #fawsl https://t.co/WfI5dWXf4f
Mon Feb 24 22:07:33 +0000 2020
WEEKLY UPDATE: Manchester City Women OSC (@MCWFC_OSC) #43: https://t.co/sQgEykXv8E #MCWFC #ManchesterCity #FAWSL
Mon Feb 24 21:49:41 +0000 2020
With a stunning display of football this weekend 🤩 Who was your Queen of the #BarclaysFAWSL during Round 17? 👑 Tell us who & why below👇 #FAWSL #ShePlaysWSL #YaaasssQueen https://t.co/hhyrpCrueM
Mon Feb 24 21:48:37 +0000 2020
Your not joking 😂! Thanks to @GirlsinClaret for inviting me on their #FAWSL round up this week. Enjoyed it, plenty of talking points... Cheers @axlsgirl & @LamminReece. https://t.co/7tDklwvCIh
Mon Feb 24 20:44:25 +0000 2020
TEAM OF THE WEEKEND: So difficult to select an XI this weekend but here is our line-up. Well done to all included! #FAWSL #FAWC https://t.co/08zN472Yx3
Mon Feb 24 18:26:08 +0000 2020
NEWS: Everton defender ruled out for the remainder of the season with ACL injury: https://t.co/VNyedjlIih #EFC #Everton #FAWSL
Mon Feb 24 17:39:32 +0000 2020
WEEKLY UPDATE: Manchester United Barmy Army (@barmyarmyMUWFC) #8: https://t.co/3Xzq6DTKco #MUFC #MUWomen #ManchesterUnited #FAWSL
Mon Feb 24 17:33:53 +0000 2020
If you didn't watch the match between @ManCityWomen vs @ChelseaFCW, the full match is now available to watch on the FA Player "The match of the season" in the @BarclaysFAWSL Check it out! #MCICHE #ManCity #Chelsea #fawsl https://t.co/AY4SNtXBKE
Mon Feb 24 17:27:59 +0000 2020
Can my anxiety handle rewatching this though. @BarclaysFAWSL @ChelseaFCW @ManCityWomen #BarclaysFAWSL #fawsl #wsl #MCICHE #womensfootball https://t.co/P2bS43yly7
Mon Feb 24 17:08:57 +0000 2020
#FAWSL players currently sidelined due to ACL injuries: Danielle Carter (Arsenal) Jessica Naz (Spurs) Laura Rafferty (Brighton) Aoife Mannion (Man City) Abi Harrison (Bristol) Ellie Brazil (Brighton) Meaghan Sargeant (Bristol) Elise Hughes (Everton) Gabby George (Everton)
Mon Feb 24 14:59:16 +0000 2020
🔥 This game was phenomenal! So much action in one place between two fierce title rivals! 👀 Also great to see us make a little cameo appearance on this montage! #FAWSL | #MCICHE https://t.co/asYmP1XnC7
Mon Feb 24 14:40:06 +0000 2020
Manchester City Women Held by Chelsea in Six-goal Thriller #ManCity #FAWSL https://t.co/ARKuqmNsP5 https://t.co/k66Q4UMTDv
Mon Feb 24 14:20:18 +0000 2020
Need something to listen to to get you through the rest of your day? Try our series of podcasts, available in all the usual places. https://t.co/0LynlqJqHp #FAWSL #EPL #Bundesliga and #LaLiga tactical analysis thoughts in separate pods each week. Enjoy 🎧🎧 https://t.co/fnffTyBfAO
Mon Feb 24 14:14:09 +0000 2020
Close match btwn top 2 in 🇬🇧 Chelsea still unbeaten #FAWSL https://t.co/qpRGxNTATU